Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What to Do on the Weekends in Panama

At, we are often asked by potential buyers what you can do on the weekends.  Aside from the beaches and casinos, our recommendation is to go down to Calle Uruguay. 

Calle Uruguay, particularly between Calles 48 and 49, has a multitude of popular clubs and restaurants.  The weekend begins on Thursday evening, and there are a number of happy hours that offer drink specials.  The TGI Fridays is a surprisingly popular spot for the young and single, and the popular clubs don’t get going until late hours and are open until early hours.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Panama Canal On Schedule.....

Today, Panamanian President Omar Torrijos announced that the $5.2 billion Panama Canal expansion is on schedule.

The Panama Canal is the connector between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It saves ships from having to go around the southern tip of South America to cross the western oceans. Instead, the ships are able to use the Canal to cut through Central America. Originally opened August 14, 1914, the Canal is slated to re-open 100 years later in 2014.

The 93-year old Canal is the forefront of Panama’s economy. The new expansion will bring new residents, visitors, and jobs. Roughly 12% of Panama’s workforce is being affected by the Canal’s expansion. Panama is currently a desirable location – the country offers a high return on the dollar and significant discounts and excellent benefits for retirees.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Panama's Tremendous Growth Continues....

Bob Bauman's Sovereign Society Blog featured an article yesterday called "Come On Down to Panama". The article highlights several new facts that are indicative of the tremendous growth that continues to occur in Panama. Among the statistics were the following:
  • There were more than 15,491 new companies started in Panama in the past 8 months.
  • There are 250 new skyscrapers under construction in the Panama City area
  • There are building applications for an additional 400 skyscrapers in the Panama area already filed.
Click here to read the entire article.

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