Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Panama Climate a Draw for Those Purchasing Property...

Shelter Offshore recently profiled the favorable geography and climate in Panama, for those looking to live in an economical, tropical environment.

As many know, Panama is popular with retirees and is a top investment and lifestyle destination. While a developing nation, Panama is a cosmopolitan tropical paradise that offers a low cost of living.

Located between Costa Rica and Columbia, Panama offers beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The climate varies greatly as there are both sandy beaches and mountain ranges that offer fresh breezes. There are many activities for those that enjoy fishing, diving, golf, or water sports – as there are shallow, warm waters. There is no winter in Panama, but the rainy season, which occurs from May to November has late afternoon showers.

There are outer-lying areas like Boquete and Portobelo that have beachfront property for sale at a significantly reduced cost than in the states…..

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Outer Areas of Panama Offer Economical Land Deals

Yesterday, The New York Times profiled a home in one of the outer-lying areas around Panama City, Panama….

Now that much of Panama City has been developed, there is growth taking place outside the city, in areas up to 90 minutes outside of the city. There are many people taking advantage of economical land and real estate prices, as well as affordable construction costs in order to build their dream homes. There are many retirees that have started with weekend homes where they can ultimately retire.

There are several Indian coastal towns that have become resort towns with condo developments and gated communities in what once were just woodlands. The area provides for homes on both Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. The areas are targets for affordable beachfront compounds with mountain and ocean views. There is spacious land allows for building a dream home on unobstructed-view, cleared lots.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

NY Times Profiles Affordable Properties For Sale in Panama

The New York Times recently reported about the advantageous pricing in Panama…

A One-bedroom, deluxe apartment in Casco Viejo – the Old Town section that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site – offers fully renovated condos with historic features as low as $450,000. Beachfront houses can go for less than $1 million, and “comfortable” apartments range from $175,000 to $400,000.

Panamanian prices have softened somewhat, but have not crumbled like in other international cities. Panamanian banks will typically lend to foreign buyers putting at least 30% down. The area has become popular with retirees and foreign buyers from Europe, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela and Latin America.

Buying real estate is easy in Panama, as costs are only legal fees from $1,500 to $2,000, a transfer tax of 2% of the purchase price and real estate commissions of about 5%. Sellers pay capital gains taxes of 10% of profits on the property.
Many set up corporations to buy property, as it only costs about $1,000 and corporations have better tax advantages for the selling of property. There are generally about $115 a month in fees for condo fees, and no property taxes until 2035 because of government encouragement for growth and development.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Panama Real Estate - A Realistic Approach

The increase of those investing and retiring to Panama has been stimulated by the number of Brits and North Americans that are attracted to the cost and quality of living. As the global recession becomes even more far-reaching, there are a number of international citizens that are now considering buying properties in Panama.

Panama continues to expect economic growth in 2009, much in part due to the $5 billion Panama Canal expansion, of which has made Panama an “economic powerhouse” for the past 5 years.

Here are some advantages, disadvantages and pieces of advice before moving or relocating to Panama:

  • Panama offers both Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Ocean Properties
  • There are lower-priced condos with Beach and mountain-views
  • No legal restrictions for foreigners buying property: property is either “titled” or “right of possession” real estate
  • A current Buyers market
  • Mortgage brokers and banks willing to deal with international citizens
  • Buying in Panama is different from buying in the UK or US
  • Buyers should make themselves familiar with the area (topography, seasons, etc.)
  • Choose a lawyer that has relocated to Panama and ask for the total upfront cost
  • Have documents translated from Spanish by an independent party
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Panama Tourism Numbers Encouraging for Overall Growth

The Panama Post reported last week that more than 1.6 million tourists visited Panama in 2008. All-in-all, Panama is well-positioned for an overall increase in tourism, regardless the global economic crisis…..

There were over 1.6 million tourists that entered the country through a variety of entry points to the country. According to the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), over 1.02 million visitors flew through Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, over 110,000 people entered Panama through the Costa Rican border, Paso Canoa, and the seaports accounted for over 235,000 visitors. Carl Fredrik Nordstrom, the ATP’s assistant administrator, claims “Tocumen displays exciting numbers. Through this airport we receive the kind of tourist who usually desires hotels, restaurants and tours”. Overall, there has been a 21% growth rate in tourism, based on entry and exit forms processed by the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization and the Comptroller General of the Republic (over 175,000 more visitors than in 2007). The tourism numbers have been supported by the Royal Caribbean port in Colon for the Enchantment of the Seas ship, and from the added destinations to Panama City by Copa Airlines.

The President of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (APATEL), Jorge Loaiza, has indicated that hotel growth can be attributed to advertising initiatives, as well as efforts by the government and the business communities. Hotels reported occupancy rates of 80% with rates of 68% in the metro Panama City area.

Panama is strongly positioned in tourism and its current economy. Currently, tourism contributes over $2 million to the economy. Within the past year, the ATP processed over $2.5 billion in new hotel investments and still sees a need for more and better hotels. The organization has stated that even if only half of the projects are completed, the country will still be in a good position. The Latin American market has been consistent and is expected to weather the economic meltdown.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Panama Housing Advantages for Retirees

Marketplace Money reported last week that the economic downturn is prompting retirees to move out of the United States in order to obtain a lower cost of living. Panama is one of the primary countries that has seen an influx of retirees and others looking to cash in on the lower prices the country offers….

The U.S. has lost a staggering $2.8 trillion in retirement savings since the economic crisis began. As a result, Panama has become the new “it” place for retirees, with housing costs that are often less than a quarter of rent in the U.S. and custom homes can be built for as low as $60 to $70 a square foot. There are even companies that will assist you in your move should you choose to relocate to Panama with services including filling out necessary forms, bringing pets and finding real estate.

The Panamanian government has given a number of tax incentives, including new construction exemptions from property taxes for 20 years. It is also fairly easy for retirees to obtain visas that allow for discounts on a variety of goods and services.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Panama Growing into Healthcare Retreat

Panama is now being called a destination for “medical tourism”. This newest genre describes the international citizens that are traveling to Panama, across international borders, to obtain medical coverage.

Amid the economic crisis, the plunging real estate market and job cuts, the rise in medical demand is unprecedented, with many unable to afford the “luxury” of healthcare. Currently, even banks are willing to lend to health-related organizations.

The medical tourism industry is growing due to a lack of health insurance and coverage in places like the United States. As a result, many international citizens are looking to places like Panama for all kinds of healthcare from plastic surgery and dentistry to specialized surgery. Travel agencies have begun to capitalize on this growing trend and are offering “health care holidays” at luxury resorts, combining medical and recuperation with vacation. Medical tourism has existed for decades and centuries in places like Bath and St. Moritz. However, the number of Americans traveling abroad will grow from 750,000 in 2007 to 10 million in 2012, spending an estimated $21 billion a year.

The reasons citizens are flocking to places like Panama for medical coverage:
  • Quality and Price are roughly 20% of healthcare costs in the U.S.
  • World-renown hospitals like the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins are setting up affiliate operations in places like Panama and the Middle East.
  • Medical operations are completed much more quickly as a result of not having to deal with insurance or public health.
  • Patients are able to purchase Global Health Insurance Coverage, private health insurance that provides global coverage.
The Top 5 Health Care Destinations are Panama, Brazil, Malaysia, Costa Rica and India.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real Estate to Continue to Generate Wealth in Panama...

Panama Opportunities just published an article called “Creating Wealth – Real Estate Investments in Panama”

As many real estate investors understand, there is still wealth to be created in Panama with property. The Panamanian government is considered to be “pro-real estate”, continually encouraging business opportunities in Panama. Additionally, the land and property prices in Panama are much more affordable than other areas of the world, and without natural disaster occurrences.

A haven for Americans, Europeans and retirees, Panama offers tropical benefits of owning a Latin American property without the hefty price tag. Prices in Panama are much more affordable compared to other areas of Latin America.

Panama presents a sound business opportunity due to its central location, beachfront and mountain properties, and well-planned cities. Click here to read the entire article. has many properties and investment opportunities. Panama lots starting at $39,000. Click here for investment and land deals in Panama!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trump Gives Reasons for Panama as "Hottest Market"

Ivanka Trump was interviewed this week, calling Panama the “Hottest Market” in the world. Ivanka, the executive vice-president of development and acquisitions at U.S.-based Trump Organization is helping to spearhead a new project on Isla Saboga.

In her interview with the Latin Business Chronicle, Trump had the following to say about Panama:
  • “ I have projects all over the world [and] have a unique sense of the global real estate climate and submarkets…with great conviction, [I can say that] Panama is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, real estate market. Our biggest problem is not having enough inventory. We only have a small percent of the building left”.
  • “Given the global downturn, the fact that sales remain so robust is a testament to the product, the brand and Panama”.
  • “It’s got a great government that really supports developers…I’m impressed with their forward thinking in bringing in new potential residents. I’m in New York and see an ‘escape to Panama’…I never saw that five years ago”.
  • “Some of the tax incentives are incredibly luring to international [investors], especially as we in America are being taxed to the hilt”.
  • “Panama is an exceptionally diverse and beautiful country, with an urban and well-established city in addition to gorgeous resort-type destinations.”
  • “Panama is attracting [a] lot of baby boomers priced out of South Florida”.
  • “We’ll be in Panama for many years after the Trump Ocean Club is ready.”
She claims that most of the buyers of Panamanian property are American, Canadian and Latin American.

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