Thursday, June 26, 2008

Panama Economic Outlook Positive - Development Expected to Continue

While current President, Martin Torrijos, faces faltering public approval ratings due to rising food and fuel costs, the good news is that the economic activity for Panama was up almost 9.5% for April, which is in stark contrast from the lows we experienced in March.

The government cited new construction new development as well as hospitality as growth-rich industries.

The government also mentioned that March numbers were low, due to the early timing of Easter this year.  Analysts are eagerly awaiting numbers from May in order to get a clearer picture of the current economy, of which those same analysts are optimistic.

On Tuesday, June 24th, 2008, Reuters reported “With 12-month inflation running at 8.8 percent investors are watching how Panama, which uses the dollar as its national currency, can bring higher living costs under control”.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Panama - Canal Development and Expansion

The Panama Canal Authority released details of last week’s meetings at the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks Visitors’ Center.

Last Wednesday, the AAPA – the American Association of Port Authorities Congress of Latin American Ports – met in Panama City. Attendees were briefed by Panama Canal Authority CEO, Alberto Aleman Zubieta, on the development and tremendous growth that is being experienced due to the Canal expansion.

“It is clear that Panama is emerging as the transportation and logistics hub of the Americas,” said Alem├ín Zubieta. “Large-scale infrastructural improvements like the Canal expansion and the Pan-American highway, coupled with Panama’s strategic location and proximity to other regional port development projects, make Panama an ideal hub for international commerce.”

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Panama’s Maritime Development Encouraging for Land Owners

According to Reuters, Panama can expect its business with shipping containers to increase up to 10% in the coming year. 

The volume of containers over the past three years are:

5.6 million containers in 2009

5.0 million containers in 2008

4.1 million containers in 2007

These numbers are more than double the volume of 2006.  This can be attributed, in part, to Chinese demand for goods.

Maritime authority chief, Fernando Solorzano is now calling for accelerated infrastructure and planning in order to meet the increasing demands of the maritime industry.

Currently, Panama plans on spending about $1.6 billion for future maritime upgrades, and possible dealings with China. 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Panama Development Owner Wants Land Back

The News Herald published a story today by Jeremey Morrison regarding Bayou Park, located below 11th street in Panama City.

The land owner, Kenneth Brown, had originally deeded the property to Bay County for $1 in 1976. However, Brown is not pleased with the way the park is being used, claiming that it originally was designed as “a natural spot by the water’s edge where the community could gather.” Instead, he describes it has become “an unlawful activity location”.

Brown wants the park closed and the land returned to him, citing that it will “clean up the community”. The city planning commission will have the final say and will also determine the price if the land is to be returned to Brown.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panama Development Deals Continue

Today in Panama, yet another record deal was made.

According to Reuters, the Disney Magic, a 964-foot long cruise ship, paid $283,400 in order to cross the Panama Canal.  This is in addition to three other container ships that paid over $300,000 each to cross the canal.  The reasons for these prices?  The canal has reserved and non-reserved slots that are scheduled for crossing.  Non-reserved slots are sold at auction to the highest bidder.  The bidders are mostly cruise ships, yachts, or transportation companies that are competing for the space and time.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Developments in Panama

CrediCorp Bank, one of the largest in Panama, announced that it has begun the process of integrating biometrics solutions in order to protect and manage the identities of its employees and customers.

The hardware and software for the biometric measurement will be outsourced to a U.S.-based company. Biometrics is a method of uniquely identifying humans through means of physical traits, often fingerprints.

Panama has become a booming area for land investments and off-shore banking in recent years, as it is host to a bevy of retirees due to its affordable living. The new implementation by CrediCorp will be beneficial to customers needing insurance against identity theft.

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