Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Panama Land, Development to be Influenced by Trade Agreement?

According to the Associated Press, Panama has moved to the top of President Obama’s list for a trade agreement….

President Obama is committed to goals announced throughout his campaign of “rewarding strategic allies and confronting economic necessity”. Obama will be making his case before a Senate Finance Committee, and is pushing for a deal by July 1st.

The trade agreement will be viewed as a sign of friendship by many. Obama, who was a critic of NAFTA while campaigning, now sees the importance in a trade agreement with Panama. As a result of the Canal project, there is a growing transportation infrastructure that is seeing a rise in US tourism and trade. A trade agreement is supported by companies like Caterpillar, a company that has increased its presence in Panama and will increase production as a result of the Canal project. A trade agreement would allow U.S. companies to bid on Canal-related projects.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foreign Investors Interested in Panama Investment Property...

International investment in Panama has increased greatly and looks as if it will develop further….

According to, “Panama Key in French Companies Operations”, there are a number of corporations that have moved or planned to move to Panama. Corporations including L’Oreal, Sanofi-Aventis (Pharmaceuticals), and Total (petroleum), GDF Suez (power generation) have all relocated to Panama. French investment already contributes more than $600 million to the Panamanian economy, and that number is estimated to reach $1 billion by 2010.

In addition to the French, a consortium of companies from Dubai have traveled to Panama, looking for investment deals. The company officials visited the country to investigate the development, laws and logistics of relocation.

The Tourism Authority of Panama is promoting Panama to over 178,000 people at one of largest trade fairs in the world in Berlin. The Authority will be promoting Panamanian culture and conservation efforts. The Panama Tourism Sector is estimated to have contributed about 12% to the national Gross Domestic Product. The Authority currently has 13 projects that have been approved by the National Registry of Tourism that will contribute over $400 million to tourism.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Martinelli Good for Business, Development in Panama

According to La Estrella, new President-elect, Ricardo Martinelli could be good for business in Panama…..

According to an article published in the Tico Times by Leland Baxter-Neal, foreign analysts believe Martinelli will be good for encouraging business in Panama. Martinelli has significant business experience and proven ability as an experienced business manager and negotiator. In addition to owning a chain of highly successful supermarkets, Martinelli has also worked in government. He has held positions as the Chariman of the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority; Panama Canal Minister; and Director of Panama’s Social Security Administration.

While a global recession has slowed down many of the world’s economies, Panama remains somewhat stable. Although it has slowed slightly, Panama’s predicted GDP growth in 2009 is still predicted at 3%, one of few countries to be in positive growth.

Martinelli is expected to be popular among businesses and U.S. retirees and those relocating for business. Martinelli has also claimed that once in office, he will cut corporate taxes, implement a flat tax system, invest in tourism, and plans to fight legislation encouraging further transparency and legislation for the company’s banking industry……

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Investment in Panama - 2nd Real Estate Boom?

The Panama Report recently gave some suggestions for investing in Panama.

First and foremost - timing is everything when investing in Panamanian property. Many real estate opportunists made a significant amount of money as the first boom hit Panama. Many believe that a second property boom will take place as more people relocate to Panama for its lower cost of living. Currently, there are many deals due to the mass building that has occurred in the past few years. There is money to be made in the rental industry as well, as demand for furnished apartment rentals has increased.

Investment professionals also see the potential in investing in large tracts of land, particularly those coastal properties near the water. As Panama City has continued to grow, the outer-lying areas are being developed. Property investors should look for locations where roads, electricity and water are developed. It is also suggested that small hotels and apartment/hotels will be an area for growth.

Panama’s economy is currently fairly stable. Panama has significant capital in comparison to other countries, as the Canal project moves forward and other free trade agreements are in the works.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Panama Maritime to Provide Development in Panama

According to La Estrella, shipping companies are opting for Panamanian ship registry.

According to the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), ship registration presents an opportunity for development in Panama. Currently, there are over 8,400 registered ships under the Panamanian flag – more than any country in the world.

It has been predicted that shipping companies will continue with Panamanian registry, due to the most favorable legislation worldwide. Advantages to both merchant ships and cruise ships include: A faster process that takes only hours for registration; discounts based on ship’s tonnage and type; flexibility based on the nationality of the crew and ship’s owners; judicial safety to clients; and a consular offices in Panama that work with worldwide shipping offices.
This is good for Panama and its development. Direct annual income from ship registration accounts for over $70 million and the income derived indirectly accounts for over $150 million.

Director of Merchant Shipping, Alfonso Castillero claims that from 2007 to 2008, there was an increase of 11% of registered ships. He expects the registry to grow at least another 9%. In the 1st quarter, there were 347 ships registered – 151 of which were brand new ships.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

New Panamian President-Elect to Affect Local Real Estate

Those living and investing in Panama are learning more about the new president-elect, Ricardo Martinelli.

The 57-year old, self-made mulimillionaire is one of Panama’s richest men. The son of Italian immigrants and educated in the U.S., Martinelli owns Panamana’s largest supermarket chain, Super 99 and also has interests in Panamanian banking, real estate, sugar, and hydroelectric energy.

Martinelli formerly served as the former government minister of Panama Canal affairs. He also ran in 2004, capturing only 5.3% of the vote – a far cry from the sweep of this year’s self-financed campaign against Balbina Herrera.

Martinelli’s campaign platform was based on points including:

- foreign investors for tourism projects including cruise ports and airports
- more government spending on public infrastructure
- maintaining a close relationship with the U.S.
- fiscal discipline and anti-corruption

Yesterday, Martinelli announced 14 cabinet ministers. He will take office on July 1st.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Low Real Estate Prices Cited as Smart Reason to Invest in Panama

A new article by an owner with Panama Real Estate Sol Realty published an article this week, claiming that “Buying Real Estate in Panama Is a Smart Decision”.

Advantages like international trade and financial growth are cited as having made Panama an international real estate destination.

The Top 5 List for Investment in Panama – as determined by Panama Real Estate Sol Realty:

1.) Current Low Real Estate Prices.
2.) Low Cost-of-Living.
3.) Familiar Language – English & Spanish are prominent.
4.) Great Benefits for Retirees.
5.) Favorable Climate.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

U.S.-Panama Developmental Agreement in the Works

This week, Reuters reported that the new President-elect of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, is hoping to push a Free-Trade Act (FTA) with the United States as soon as possible.

Calling the FTA “our No. 1 priority”, Martinelli is anxious to put a trade agreement into place. Panama exported $377 million to the U.S. in 2008. Panama only taxes dollars that have been earned within the country, and as a result often faces critics accusing the country of providing an “offshore tax haven for wealthy foreigners”.

Martinelli, a wealthy supermarket tycoon, won the election by a staggering 60% of votes on Sunday. His administration rejects all complaints that U.S. citizens use the country of Panama as a tax haven. Frank De Lima, the head economic advisor to Martinelli’s administration has stated: “The perception that Panama is a tax haven is totally false…new government will be open to sharing information with U.S. authorities and plans to work to pass the agreement as soon as possible”.

A U.S.-Panama trade pact was signed by former Panamanian President, Martin Torrijos, in June 2007, but is currently being held up by U.S. Congress. President Obama’s administration has stated that it is hopeful to develop an agreement with Panama relatively soon.

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