Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Development in Panama

A new, $1.5 billion Panamanian development is underway, according to a representative of the project.

La Estrella reports that the Isla Saboga Project is moving aggressively ahead, despite the current beleagured economy. According to Armel Gonzalez Mauhs, the representative of the project, the company is investing roughly $20 million and taking necessary measures to set up a proper infrastructure that includes water, road and sewer systems. By doing so, the company believes it will attract established property developers.

The new development will be environmentally-friendly and is described as “an island paradise that will have hotels, restaurants, houses, condominiums, spas, a marina, a yacht club, a country club and a beach club”.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Loan to Benefit Panamanian Growth

It was announced last week that the Panamanian government has created a $1.1 billion fund that it expects to eased the credit crisis and to boost investment as the world faces a global economic crisis.

Panama President Martin Torrijos stated that the fund will “grant Panamanians low-cost loans to buy homes and expand businesses”. 

Financing of the new fund, which will come in the form of a loan, is being handled by the Inter-American Development Bank, Andean Development Corp, and National Bank of Panama.  The National Bank – one of two state banks – will oversee the project.  Torrijos called the loan a “preventive measure”.

The fund is a result of a three-month investigation of how the U.S. economic slowdown will affect Panama’s economy.  The Panama Canal is currently the key route for trade between Asia and the eastern U.S.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resources Being Utilized to Make Panama Safer...

It was announced last week that the countries of Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Panama have formed an alliance against organized crime.

The countries have created an alliance of resources and intelligence in order to combat organized crime and drug trafficking, as the four countries are the main subjects in drug smuggling to the U.S.  The ultimate goal is for the Latin American countries to have a shared database that is connected to each country.

The leaders of the four countries met in Panama City in order to discuss drug smuggling and the cartels that enable the practice.  According to the AP, the countries “will share intelligence, strategies and technical information to fight criminal activities including drugs, human trafficking, money laundering and terrorism”. 

It is projected that the sharing of information will benefit each of the countries against drug smuggling operations and other criminal activity. 

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Property Development Expected to Continue in Panama

The UK’s Hot Property website recently reported about the advantages in owning property in Panama, claiming that the country could again show returns like in 2006.

Panama property offered spectacular growth in the property market from 2006 to 2008. In that time period, property prices were up 48%. In the back half of 2008 growth slowed slightly, but was still positive.

Significant growth is expected again in the near future as Panama is predicted to have long-term appeal to US residents. Currently, Trump Ocean Club condos are under construction and are slated for completion within five years. There is also another development under construction at one of the best Panamanian beaches Maria Chiquita Beach where one-bedroom condos are being sold starting at around $100k.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Panamanian Banks Contribute to Growth in Panama

The UK’s First Post ran an article recently about the advantages of Panamanian banking in a Post-Madoff age.

Panama is one of the best international banking solutions because it allows for secure stashing of money in some of the safest banks in the world.

There is a history of drug dealers and crooks using Panama to launder money, but the unsavory activity has since been cleaned up. Lately, due to the growth in Panama, Venezuelans and Colombians are flocking to Panamanian banks rather than U.S. banks due to the Patriot Act putting limitations on foreign citizens.

Panama adopted Swiss banking laws in the 1970s in addition to the corporate laws of Delaware, the “friendliest business” state. There are over 80 registered banks in Panama that have grown from traffic and trade along the Panama Canal. There is little government regulation, but heavy supervision by owners that have applied stringent lending standards.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Merger Viewed as Advantage for Properties in Panama

According to a press release,, Inc. and Panama Business and Travel have formed an alliance., Inc. has reached a “long-term advertising agreement with the Panama Business and Travel online investment portal” for an undisclosed sum. The new deal will involve the co-marketing of real estate opportunities in Panama to an international audience.

Panama Business and Travel has more than 5,000 pages within their site that work as an index. The company targets high net-worth visitors and provides information about low-to-negotiable risk properties, products and business services. A division of Focus Publications, is the leading business and tourism publishing company in Panama and the largest content-based business and travel portal in Panama. All marketed properties will have gone through a due-diligence process. Panama Business and Travel prides itself on providing researched, high-quality content in order to provide “safe investment opportunities abroad”, as well as the Panamanian economy. is a network of more than 10,000 real estate brokers, agents and agent-affiliates in North America, Central America, South America and Europe. The online site is “dedicated to simplifying the home-buying process and expediting the home-selling process with industry-leading experience and powerful technology”. The company tracks broker commissions and promotes international investment properties.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interpol Visits Internationally Growing Panama

The Middle East Times reported yesterday that the Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald Noble, is on a tour of Latin America. The international policing organization’s head will visit Panama, Costa Rica and Argentina this week.

Interpol – the International Criminal Police Organization – facilitates “transnational police cooperation” by policing initiatives regionally, nationally and internationally. The organization was formed in 1923 and has National Central Bureaus in countries around the world, as well as their General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France. Interpol has membership of 186 international countries.

Noble, due in Panama on Tuesday, is formerly of the United States Treasury and is the first non-European to hold the post. The goal of Noble’s mission is to discuss national and regional policing initiatives with top security authorities. Particularly, Noble was recognizing Panamanian police officers that, through the help of Interpol, were able to capture a Colombian fugitive within 24 hours.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Panama Growth May Stumble, Will Survive Ultimately has reported that amid global recession and financial plague, Panama will persevere….

Currently, Panama’s economy has not really been affected by the global recession. However, with more condos to be released onto the market, there will be a number of ‘distressed sellers’ in 2009.

However, the site also claims that there will be another wave of buyers coming to Panama. Many expect young, international buyers as well as companies that will be coming to Panama to set up global operations. Many will be drawn to the nature and the tropical weather, others will be drawn to he fact that Panama City is an international city that is one of the most globalized countries in Latin America since the Panama Canal expansion. 2009 is expected to deliver 3-4% in economic growth…..

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