Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Panamanian Real Estate Boosted by Retirees...

Today, La Estrella ran an article, “Panama, the new Florida”. 

Panama is growing drastically, gaining popularity among retirees that are attracted to the affordable cost of living.  The article cites a couple that had a $3 million budget for a place in Miami now has a 3,000 square ft, oceanfront penthouse in Panama City.  

The Migration Policy Institute, which monitors the world’s population movement, has tracked an influx of retirees and expats to Panama.  Those relocating to the country are drawn to the fact that the dollar goes farther.  There is no taxation on foreign income, no property tax for 20 years, and great weather.  The country has a “pensioner program” that offers severe discounts for retirees and there is quality healthcare at low costs – from economical doctor’s visits to in-home care.

Those considering moving to Panama are forced to recognize that the country operates at a slower pace than most, but the advantages far outweigh the inconveniences…..

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