Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pro-Business President to Bring Jobs, Development to Panama

According to the Associated Press, Panama’s new “pro-business” President is promising the country new jobs….

The new President, Ricardo Martinelli, 57, is a supermarket magnate that has gained wide appeal among Panama’s 3.3 million residents. Martinelli, who was sworn in on Wednesday for a five-year term, has committed to “start the biggest job-creation push ever in the country”.

Outgoing President, Martin Torrijos, was responsible for the $5 billion Panama Canal expansion, which obtained over $2 billion in foreign investment in order to accommodate large cargo ships. Martinelli has been a staunch supporter of the Canal’s expansion, but also wants to expand upon the country’s economic capabilities.

Panama has experienced a real estate boom that the President wants to recreate, amid the worldwide recession. The country is considered to be the best place for business in Latin America. Martinelli has committed to fighting drug trafficking, along with Colombia and Mexico, and also has a billion-dollar proposal for a train system for Panama City’s metro area.

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