Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Estate Development, Construction to Lead Economic Recovery in Panama

If Panama’s new President has his way, the Panamanian construction and real estate markets will lead the country far beyond the rest of the globe, in terms of economic strength. 

Martinelli has committed to several development initiatives over his 5-year term, including: the construction of a new metro system, the Panama Canal expansion, the Coastal Strip property, the Colon-Panama highway, and the promotion of housing units costing less than $30,000 USD. 

The construction industry is in solid condition to face all of the infrastructure projects that have been introduced by President Martinelli’s new administration.  Cemex, the country’s leading cement producer, has invested $270 million to increase it’s production to four times that of current production.   Cemento Panama, the rival of Cemex, is also expanding its operations by doubling the production of cement, increasing production of sand and gravel, and adding 25 concrete trucks.  Steel is the only material expected for importation. 

The construction development will also add to the area’s employment.  According to sources, each full-time position could result in two to three indirect jobs for the area.  Martinelli’s administration intends to spend less and to lower taxes.  Economists indicate that this would allow for individuals to increase demand, consumption and investment.

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